Why are we doing this?

We reckon that having outdoor adventures with your friends and whanau, is important. It helps keep people active and healthy, teaches new skills and confidence, and brings communities closer. We’re lucky to have such a great outdoor environment, and we want to help more people make the most of it.

We also think that if something's important, it should be available to everyone, regardless of income. We want to remove the financial barriers to more people having great outdoor adventures.

Doing business better works for us, too. Knowing we've got our costs covered for the season means we can relax, focus on making our business a force for good in the community, and create more value for everyone. It also creates a band of local champions, who help us to grow the business and enable the free community resources faster.

Can you help us achieve our goal?

Once we sell $500k worth of vouchers, daytrips, and anything else from our sites, all our gear becomes free to use for everyone, for the rest of the summer season. We cover our costs, create jobs in the community, and ensure the maximum possible benefits to our customers and community. Everyone wins!

Every dollar you spend at Everyone's Adventure, or any of our partner businesses, helps us reach our goal of making summer adventures free for everyone. So, check out our offerings and come have an adventure with us, or buy a voucher as a gift for a friend. Every little bit helps!