On the Home Straight!

This summer, Everyone's Adventure businesses are chipping away at a collective goal to make gear hire free for everyone to enjoy. Our business model works to cover the operating costs of the three participating businesses as early in the season as possible through your bookings and purchases. Once those are covered, we promised we'd make gear hire free til Easter 2017!

Bike, hire and standup paddleboard hire, as well as food, drinks, cold treats, and event bookings, all go towards that total. These are all great summery favourites, so we thought we'd reach the free gear hire target with plenty of time to spare.

Two things were really important to us when we came up with this model. One was that we wanted to do something good - to foster a spirit of generosity and community and to give people a go at outdoor adventures who wouldn't normally get the chance. Basically, we wanted to give away free adventures, pretty badly! The second thing was that we wanted to be transparent in our business. That's why we made our total operating costs for the season public, and why we've kept you updated on our progress towards that goal.

It's in the spirit of that transparency that we're letting you know that we're reducing the goal for free gear hire from $300K to $225K. This puts us less than $100K away from meeting it! The reason we've reduced the goal is because our operating costs this season have been much lower than we projected.

This summer has seen the worst "summer" weather I can remember, in five years of running The Boatshed Days Bay. In November and December, we were only open a very small handful of weekend days, which is when we're normally busiest. The number of days that we haven't been able to open at all has been a real bummer, but it also means we've spent less money than we expected. Rather than keeping the total at $300K, we wanted to be transparent about it, work out what our operating costs have actually been, and make sure Wellington is still in with a chance for free gear hire now the sun's actually out!

The bottom line stays the same: getting to the point where we can give away outdoor adventures for free is totally up to you! We're now less than $100K away from the goal, and we've pared back our operating costs as much as we can, while keeping the businesses sustainable. So round up a group of mates or whanau and get out here as soon as you can!

As a wee treat to sweeten the deal: remember you get 20% off all our adventures for booking ahead. Use the code EARLYBIRD when booking on our site. If the weather sucks on the date you've booked, we'll sort you out with another day!