We've done it! Our gear is now free to use until the end of March!

The basics

Once we hit $300k, all our standard adventure gear at all our fixed sites, becomes free for everyone to use, until the end of the summer season.

the nitty gritty

All our standard adventure gear means we'll make sure we've got enough basic gear (bikes, kayaks, SUPs and safety stuff) at each site, to cater to at least 30 people simultaneously. We hope to have more than that, but some might be in use for different paid tours, or be out of action for servicing and maintenance. We also have some super-fancy stuff like e-bikes and full-suspension bikes, that will not be part of this. Any basic gear that's present and serviced, is free to use.

Our fixed sites are The Boatshed - Days Bay and The Bike Shed - Pencarrow.

Summer season means all our opening days at all sites (these vary from site to site - check individual websites in footer for details) from now until March 31st 2018.

Buying a voucher entitles you to make a booking for that particular product. If we've hit our goals and that product becomes free, you can still book and reserve your spot (everyone else will be on a first come first served basis).

Free use sessions will be limited to a max of one hour for watersports, and 2 hours for biking (we may revise this on super busy, or quiet, days). This way we can provide awesome experiences for as many people as possible. 

Note all gear hire or usage (whether paid or free!) is subject to our terms and conditions.